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Plan Design

Identifying similarities within broadly labeled demographic groups – such as Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial's – enables us to develop specific benefit program design recommendations based on each client’s employee population. Overall satisfaction levels rise significantly when benefits are designed to address these diverse needs.


From using technology for enrollment and forms, to providing benefit handouts and memos, to utilizing Spanish translation, we make the process easy to understand so that you can provide best-in-class medical, dental, vision, and life insurance that fits the specific needs of your employees.


Pilots use checklists, and so do we. With increasing regulatory burdens, our annual review and ongoing resources provide you, the employer, with confidence that compliance is in order and that any potential employer penalties are avoided. Our areas of expertise include: ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, and PPACA (ACA), as well as state laws governing insurance plans.


We provide products and strategies to improve the health of the employee population through targeted wellness activities. Wellness initiatives help avoid certain claim costsand work to positively impact corporate culture. In a nearly full employment labor market, employers must compete on more than wages, and fostering a great culture is a strategic advantage.

Customer Service Center

Employees have access to our expert work for assistance when they need it. It might be fixing a claim problem, helping with a pharmacy issue, locating a contracted medical, dental, or vision provider, or a billing question. Whatever the issue is, we are here to help.

COBRA Administration

Our COBRA administration provides full compliance and ongoing administration for COBRA. We also reach out to each and every individual experiencing a COBRA qualifying event. Our licensed agents assist the individual in choosing between the employer plan through COBRA, individual coverage, Medicare or Medicaid coverage, and other alternatives such as available spouse coverage. Those experiencing a COBRA qualifying event appreciate the advocacy and guidance at the time they need to make this decision.