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Each client and each industry we serve has their own unique challenges. We know how important it is to truly understand our client's needs, and, from this understanding, develop a strategic plan to help the employer meet their broader goals. Our technical expertise is only valuable if it translates into an improvement in our client's business outcomes, and our thorough commitment to serving our clients well aids us in doing just that.


It's common for the incumbent insurance provider to change the first draft of their renewal offers after viewing our alternative proposals, often significantly so. We leverage our broad access to insurance products to provide our clients with the most competitive renewals. Our employees are committed to represent your interests to the insurance market -- not the other way around.


Healthcare reform compliance is important as potential penalties must be understood and avoided. We work to determine large employer status, evaluate potential penalties and how they might be triggered, monitor proper plan designs, help employers notify employees of the Marketplace, track variable hour employees, ensure Summary of Benefits and Coverage is distributed, understand required employer reporting, pay PCORI fees, and change developments with Cadillac Tax in 2020. When compliance is taken care of, so is your peace of mind.


EBITDA stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. We think EBITDA and employee benefit consulting go hand-in-hand. EBITDA measures the profitability -- and, therefore, the value and strength -- of a company. All vendors whose products represent a significant expense for an employer should understand the leveraging impact of rising costs on EBITDA and on overall business valuation. We become a strategic partner for our clients with this awareness.